Residential and Commercial Conveyancing

We specialise in:

  • Residential Conveyancing both Land Registry and Registry of Deeds title:
  • Buying and selling houses and apartments. We can provide specialist advice on the corporate and financial structure of Management Companies
  • Mortgages, mortgage switching and equity release
  • Voluntary Transfer of Property
  • Planning and Compliance with Planning Permission
  • Sales and purchase in estate developments
  • Land and Site sale and purchase
  • Drafting and registration of Rights of Way and Easements
  • Long Possession applications
  • First registrations converting Registry of Deeds title to Land Registry title

Are you buying or selling a property?

Having practiced in the conveyancing sector for nearly 20 years we make it our business to explain the conveyancing process in depth at the first contact. Even if you are only looking for a quote for conveyancing services, we are happy to spend time explaining the steps to buying or selling property and offering helpful advice on aspects of the process.

We are well aware that many people find the conveyancing process exceptionally stressful, and while we cannot take away the stress associated with moving and leaving behind a beloved property, we can advise on every step of the process, making sure that the conveyancing process is as stress free as possible. We utilise a multi-faceted approach, calling in the assistance, where necessary, of the auctioneer, engineers and banks mortgage advisor to make sure whatever can be done will be done to get the sale/ purchase over the line as efficiently as possible.


The fees involved in any conveyancing transaction fall into two distinct categories.

The first is the Solicitors professional fee which is the fee you pay to the Solicitor for reviewing and certify title, reviewing and advising on your mortgage letter of loan offer, liaising with your bank to draw down mortgage funds, to stamping the Deed of Transfer with the Revenue Commissioners, to registering you, and your banks mortgage if applicable, with the Property Registration Authority and all associated work. The Solicitors professional fee is set by each individual solicitor, and generally is subject to VAT payable to the Revenue Commissioners at a rate of 23%.

The second set of fees payable are called outlay. These are payments which your Solicitor makes on your behalf to third parties, such as the following:-

  1. The payment of Stamp Duty to the Revenue Commissioners
  2. Closing searches which are up to date title, Vendor and Purchaser searches carried out on the day you finally purchase the property to ensure that there are no late judgments registered against the Vendors title for example.
  3. Land Registry fees charged by the Property Registration Authority of Ireland to register you to the property. These fees are based on the purchase price of the property and whether you intend to get a mortgage for example to purchase the property.

If you are looking for a competitive quote for conveyancing services, please phone us, or use the contact form to send us details of the transaction, together with your telephone number and we will phone you to discuss the transaction and follow that call up with a written quotation detailing the solicitors fee, VAT and third party outlay in full.

Solicitor selling house