Family Law

We specialise in:

  • Separation Agreements, including transposing Mediated Agreements into Separation Agreements
  • Judicial Separation applications to the Circuit and High Court
  • Divorce applications to the Circuit and High Court
  • Co-habitation agreements / Rights of Unmarried couples
  • Pension Adjustment Orders
  • Ample Resource marital disputes involving Forensic Accountants and dissipated asset tracing

Family law is a practice area like no other. Clients place their utmost trust in their family law Solicitor to guide and advise them on everything from Custody and Access to children, Property rights, Maintenance and Pensions, all whilst dealing with a difficult personal situation arising from the breakdown of a marriage or non-marital relationship.

Oonagh has practiced in this area for a number of years and considers herself well placed to advise on the rights of parties on the breakdown of a relationship. Oonagh is however exceptionally pragmatic and does not shy away from advising clients in favour of, and against, Court applications. If there is a way of negotiating an agreement on Custody, Access and the division of assets without the necessity of entering into the adversarial Court arena, which is time consuming and costly, Oonagh will gladly explore an Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms, recommending Mediation where possible.

In addition, where Mediation is not appropriate or has been unsuccessful, Oonagh will actively encouraging parties to engage in early settlement talks. Oonagh does not in any way see this as a sign of weakness. In fact, she views this as the very opposite.  A sign of courage, tackling the process head on and thus avoiding the catastrophic fall out which sometimes ensues following a lengthy Court application.

Of course there are some cases, and some clients, who do not suit a negotiated approach, and where appropriate we will engage expert Counsel who share our view of a proactive and technical Court strategy, and they will be with their client at every step of the way going forward.

If you do not know where to turn, we are happy to offer an initial one-hour consultation to discuss your particular circumstances and offer advice on possible remedies available to you. You can take that advice and use it to guide you moving forward.

We also recognises more often than not, clients who come into us are exceptionally worried about the simple fact of sitting with Oonagh and sharing their stories. With that in mind all family law clients are encouraged to bring a friend to the initial family law consultation. That friend may remember something later which the client themselves have forgotten, or they can ask any questions they feel may help the client. We are happy to facilitate that very open, initial contact.


A consultation fee is payable on all initial consultations. Details will be provided when the appointment is made.

The Solicitors fee charged will depend on the nature of the service offered. A Solicitor is obliged to provide, at the outset, an estimate of how the fees payable will be calculated. Moylan and Co take their responsibility under section 150 of the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015 very seriously and will provide all clients with an estimate of fees in writing at the commencement of a file and will update clients regularly as fees are accumulated.

In addition we will ensure that any barrister engaged to act in your case will also fully comply with their obligations under section 150 of the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015 by providing an estimate of their fees and the basis of the calculation of same.