One of the most important gifts you can leave after you die is the gift of clear instructions.

Clear instructions on who is to be appointed as Executor to administer your estate. That includes putting a value on any assets, including bank accounts, in the name of the deceased at the date of death. It includes applying to the High Court with an account of the Deceased’s assets and liabilities and obtaining permission to affect the wishes of the deceased, such as transferring the family home to a nominated beneficiary.

Clear instructions on who will be appointed as Testamentary Guardian to look after any dependent children until they reach 18 years of age.

Clear instructions on how any assets belonging to the deceased are to be distributed. Are they to be put in a Trust to be held until your minor children turn 18 years, or are they to be given to a spouse if held in one name only?

We can advise on all aspects of making a Will. We will advise on the current taxation regime and possible Inheritance tax implications in place at the time of making the Will. We will advise clients to be aware of possible future changes to the Inheritance tax rates and to come back to update their will as necessary.