Are you looking for a Mediator in relation to a dispute?

Oonagh Moylan is a qualified Mediator, accredited by the Mediators Institute of Ireland ( M.I.I.) and certified to mediate in the area of Family and Separating Couples.

Oonagh also has a very keen interest in land and boundary disputes, rights of way disputes and probate law including will and succession disputes.

With over 20 years experience in legal practice, Oonagh knows that sometimes there are no winners in litigation. The process is expensive and time consuming and can be a very stressful road for all involved.

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism which is designed to assist the parties to a dispute identify the issues between them and find their own solution, all in the impartial and confidential environment of the mediation setting.

Advantages of Mediation:

  1. The mediator is completely impartial and independent of the disputants.
  2. Any agreement reached is confidential to the parties unless the parties themselves agree otherwise.
  3. Mediation is, by contrast with court proceedings, a speedier process. Court proceedings can last 2 years for the most minor dispute.
  4. Mediation is considerably less expensive than court proceedings.
  5. Non ‚Äďadversarial. Both parties agree to attend Mediation and as part of that agreement agree to treat each other with mutual respect throughout.
  6. The parties agree the solution themselves so an agreement is far more likely to last.
  7. High success rate
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